Saturday, 11.02.2023
Purity – between ignorance, misrepresentation and trends
vouithu sarah cisse Djeevan Buratti Clark Zeller
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Think of Purity. Purity as the absence of mixing, as the absence of a compromising element, as the quality of what is as it is supposed to be. Then there appears to be two ways to achieve purity: by removing objects to establish a certain degree of homogeneity – purity through exclusion – or by highlighting the inaccessibility of purity – purity as exclusiveness. Using these two concepts as lenses for purity raises the question of who and what gets excluded; who and what defines exclusiveness.

In this mixed-media group show, the artists explore the meaning of purity in their daily lives – be it in sociocultural interaction and celebrations, in their sense of belonging, in their sense of identity, or in their artistic expression. They strive to include themselves in a discourse predominantly conceived by and for dominant and privileged circles by critically reflecting on the definitions of purity and challenging its exclusive and excluding nature. In doing so, they ultimately take agency and shift the narrative.

vouithu (@louisvouithu) – The installation “pure metals வி.2” by vouithu aims to shed light on purity conceptions within South Asian communities, the empowering aspects of these conceptions for displaced people with Tamil heritage and attempts to draw a line between the predominant oppressive ideas of purity and their aesthetic expressions. The installations are made of metal artifacts (e.g. pūjā items) traditionally created for religious and cultural rituals. These installations provide a unique perspective on the subject.

sarah cisse (@juiceoramah) – “putting myself on the map” is an attempt to hijack the algorithm-driven platforms for exposure. It started with the realization that the artist’s photography didn’t reach an audience on Instagram. Yet, banal pictures would reach over a million viewers on GoogleMaps. To resolve the discrepancy of intentionality and visibility of these virtual spaces, she co-opts platforms to boost the circulation of her art, thus literally and figuratively putting herself on the map.

Djeevan Buratti (@influencesclothing) – Djeevan Buratti launched his project IMU and his first capsule under the motto “Your Influences Made You”. Beyond producing clothing items, he is interested in the process of materializing influences. His installation “Pure Contradictions” recreates spaces in which he works and lets his influences mix into items. His reflections were sparked by the tension between his purity of intention as a self-taught work, and identity.

Clark Zeller (@clarkvzeller) – Clark Zeller’s passion for skating started as a hobby and became a professional career. His pursuit of perfect motions generated impressive shots and hours of footage of failure. This video installation “Art of Movement” compiles clips as an attempt to highlight the process of reaching the perfect motions. By documenting his process, he gives the viewer a glimpse into street skating as an artform that is equally demanding and creative as institutionalized disciplines.

The opening of the exhibition is followed by a Klubnacht curated by the artists.

Exhibition opening hours:
Saturday 11.02.2023, 16:00 - 22:00
Sunday 12.02.2023, 13:30 - 18:00
Monday 13.02.2023, 13:30 - 18:00