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In March 2018, in a complex on Röschibachstrasse that has since been replaced by a new building, we joined together from various gastronomic, cultural and urbanistically active associations, projects and individuals to form what is now the association “Zentralwäscherei”.

We applied for the use of the space on the ground floor of the former central laundry (“Zentralwäscherei”) at Neue Hard 12 in Zurich, which had been put out to tender by the city. After the city accepted the application, we were able to move into the Shedhalle next to the Hardbrücke for the first time as an association in April 2019.

Since then, in well over 10,000 volunteer hours, around 200 association members have been organizing themselves in around 20 structural bodies, operating, working and project groups with a jointly developed vision of an inclusive, grassroots-democratically organized space for experiments, encounters, art, culture, gastronomy and new ideas.


With great joy, hope and visions, we are close to opening the space to the public in mid-November 2021.

At the moment we are in the midst of the self-organized and self-executed renovation of our space. On a daily basis we are witnessing this utopia get more tangible - including a gastronomical concept, music venue and a separate cultural space. All that in the heart of the city.

With this presentation of the project and the information about our origins, visions and the challenges, we invite you all to join us on this journey to visit, play and experience this beautiful space together.


After a long delay and two-time adoption of the relevant directive in the municipal council, the renovations could finally be started in mid-July.

Due to these delays and the pandemic, it was unfortunately only possible for us to generate liquid funds from our own resources to a very limited extent in the last two years. However, we need about 100'000.- to kick-start the operation and plan ahead the necessary paid-vacancies with the appropriate lead time and planning security.

Through careful calculation and operational planning, we cover a large part of the financial needs through our own efforts and at our own risk. The short-term liquidity needed for the opening and operation is provided by cash income from events in the planned operation, such as the about us! Festival, subsidies and private support from business partners.

As well as the support of all of you.

If you want to support us further, we would be happy if you could share our call. Here you can find all visuals & texts:

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Neue Hard 12
8005 zürich 
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