Open Call for co-productions

We are launching our second Open Call for co-productions and are looking forward to be sharing our space with you next year. ZW is in a diversity-oriented development and particularly encourages submissions from people who are socially marginalised. Our curatorial guidelines as well as our general principles are linked here.

What can you apply with?
We welcome a wide range of submissions, such as: Exhibitions, social formats, discursive formats, political events, theatre, installations, safe spaces, screenings or sound performances.
Excluded are events that violate our principles, institutional events, private events or parties.

What is the procedure?
Apply by 22.01.2023 by filling in the application form (linked here).
You can enter projects that take place between 01.03.2023 and 31.12.2023 - please note that there are certain blocking periods where we are either already fully booked or our company is on holiday.
The evaluation of the entries will be carried out according to our curatorial guidelines and will be announced latest by 01.02.2023.


We are looking for collaborators.
In the week of November 16-19, ZW celebrates its first anniversary with a festival. In addition to regular, set program points, we create space for trying out and experimenting.

Be it a workshop, an info booth, a performance, a mini-concert, or something for which there is no term at all yet. Surprise us with your input, overwhelm us with your concepts.

There are three possible settings:

  • the stage; a small, classical stage situation with the possibility of audio playback and lighting.

  • the in-between space; fluid happening taking place at some point during the festival without the possibility of audio playback and lighting, but practically the whole ZW can be used!

  • Clubstage; During the club night on Saturday there will be a small stage in the club for performances. No possibility for audio playback, the stage can be illuminated.

Contact us with a small sketch of your idea and your preferred time at info@zentralwaescherei.space until 23.09.2022. We will invite you to discuss further details about the implementation and the general conditions with us. In advance, we can support certain financially. :-)

Open Positions at Zentralwäscherei

We are advertising positions. All positions are to be filled as of February 1, 2023. We gladly accept your application until September 15, 2022 at bewerben@zentralwaescherei.space. We are looking forward to it!

Operating Team HR and Funding (1-2 positions, 50-60%)
Link to PDF

Operating Team Gastro (3 positions, approx. 100%)
Link to PDF

Operating Team Finance (2 positions, approx. 70%)
Link to PDF

Operating Team Maintenance (1 position, 20%)
Link to PDF

Operating Team Technics (1-2 positions, total 60%)
Link to PDF

Operating Team Administration, Production and Graphics (3 positions, total approx. 100%)
Link to PDF

ZW Zummerbreak

From July 17, we close the doors of the ZW and open instead for two weeks our terrace with the Zummerbar:

Drinks & Pizzas, every Wednesday - Saturday, from 17:00.

Opening is on Sunday 17 July with concerts by Kautschuk & Haimos.

This will be followed by more program, more details soon in our calendar.

From the 1st of August the whole ZW goes into the well-deserved first break and welcomes you from the 16th of August again with open hearts and arms.

Euer ZW-Team

We have a new website

Have fun!