We are looking for collaborators.
In the week of November 16-19, ZW celebrates its first anniversary with a festival. In addition to regular, set program points, we create space for trying out and experimenting.

Be it a workshop, an info booth, a performance, a mini-concert, or something for which there is no term at all yet. Surprise us with your input, overwhelm us with your concepts.

There are three possible settings:

  • the stage; a small, classical stage situation with the possibility of audio playback and lighting.

  • the in-between space; fluid happening taking place at some point during the festival without the possibility of audio playback and lighting, but practically the whole ZW can be used!

  • Clubstage; During the club night on Saturday there will be a small stage in the club for performances. No possibility for audio playback, the stage can be illuminated.

Contact us with a small sketch of your idea and your preferred time at info@zentralwaescherei.space until 23.09.2022. We will invite you to discuss further details about the implementation and the general conditions with us. In advance, we can support certain financially. :-)

Open Positions at Zentralwäscherei

We are advertising positions. All positions are to be filled as of February 1, 2023. We gladly accept your application until September 15, 2022 at bewerben@zentralwaescherei.space. We are looking forward to it!

Operating Team HR and Funding (1-2 positions, 50-60%)
Link to PDF

Operating Team Gastro (3 positions, approx. 100%)
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Operating Team Finance (2 positions, approx. 70%)
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Operating Team Maintenance (1 position, 20%)
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Operating Team Technics (1-2 positions, total 60%)
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Operating Team Administration, Production and Graphics (3 positions, total approx. 100%)
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ZW Zummerbreak

From July 17, we close the doors of the ZW and open instead for two weeks our terrace with the Zummerbar:

Drinks & Pizzas, every Wednesday - Saturday, from 17:00.

Opening is on Sunday 17 July with concerts by Kautschuk & Haimos.

This will be followed by more program, more details soon in our calendar.

From the 1st of August the whole ZW goes into the well-deserved first break and welcomes you from the 16th of August again with open hearts and arms.

Euer ZW-Team

We have a new website

Have fun!