Gastro Betriebsteam

Focus Kitchen (30% Admin + 30 - 40% Front Work Kitchen)

from 1 November 2023


We are the Verein Zentralwäscherei and run the non-commercial cultural and meeting space in Kreis 5. We strive to create a space for encounters, art, culture and gastronomy that is as inclusive as possible. You can find out more about us and our principles here:


We are looking for a person to join both the Betreiebsteam (BT) Gastro and become part of the kitchen team. This position includes administrative tasks in BT Gastro as well as an active role in the kitchen team. The association attaches great im- portance to openness, cooperation and active participation of the candidates in order to successfully advance the associa- tion‘s project.
The project „Verein Zentralwäscherei“ lives strongly from the heart and soul and commitment of all members of the associa- tion, of which you will also become a part (or already are). This means that you are prepared to think and participate beyond your employment, which also means, among other things, voluntary participation in association events such as general meetings, retreats or meetings of the various working groups.


A self-organised way of working is required and the courage to bring in and implement your own ideas and thoughts. Trans- parent involvement of the association, proactive and constructive work in the team and a courteous feedback and error cul- ture are important. It is particularly important that the person sought understands the meaning of gastronomy as enjoyment and hospitality in line with the core values of the association. Close collaboration with the gastro team to implement these values is desired. A lot of experience in gastro kitchens or a completed apprenticeship as a cook are highly desirable.
For the reinforcement of BT Gastro, which consists of a total of three people, we are looking for a person with a lot of ex- perience and broad know-how in the kitchen and experience in collective forms of organization. We are also looking for a person who can bring a lot of initiative, creativity and energy to a young company and who is also interested in the political dimension of collective work and the Zentralwäscherei as a place.


The BT currently consists of eleven people who carry out the administrative work involved in running the Zentralwäscherei and, in consultation and close cooperation with the association, its working groups and teams, are responsible for the ope- rational management of the Zentralwäscherei. Within the BT, work is divided into departments (technical, catering, finance, programme, maintenance and graphics). Currently, a 30% + 30-40% kitchen position with a focus on kitchen and orders will become available in the BT Gastro from November.


Kitchen tasks:

  • Administration and organization of the kitchen
  • Creative implementation of the gastronomy concept
  • Working in the lunch and dinner service
  • Structural and quality checks / compliance with hygiene guidelines - Management of stock and inventory (stock analysis, orders)
  • Creating the menu in cooperation with the graphics team
  • Working in a club with standard wages and regular team meetings

BT Gastro tasks

  • Coordination and administrative work related to running a gastronimic business: management and maintenance of the
    premises, structure and quality review, maintenance and supervision of the Action group Gastro, operational
    management of the gastro business.
  • The vacant position also includes the department: „Stock and Orders“.
  • Ordering of all beverages and non-food items
  • Organisation of the various storerooms
  • Responsibility for assortment
  • Attendance at BT meetings, general meetings, and other meetings dedicated to operational management.


From 1. November 2023. Payment is on a standard wage of currently CHF 26 per hour.**
Are you interested? We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please send us your application in the form you prefer at:

We will contact you after the summer break (August).