Monday, 20.11.2023
ZW - 2
Start: 18:00End: 11:00
Suggested Price: 65.–

ZW turns two. Two years ranging from sweat to calmness, from tears and anxieties to euphoria. Attempting to collectively and uncommerically organize a cultural and political space in current times of rising prices, winner takes it all mentalities where hypes come and go quickly, ZW lived through some hard but also many many nice times. In two years we struggled twice with bankruptcy which might come as a suprise: a beer might still appear rather expensive compared to the supermarket around your corner. And when you visit ZW the rooms are packed full of people. But opposed to popular believe we are not funded with direct money flows, we do not pay rent, our prices are lower then at any other cultural venue in Zurich und there a many days where ZW is empty except for working bodies.
With this festival we want to celebrate two years of existence, two years of hustling to make affordable and accessible cultural events possible, two years of you visiting ZW and helping to make this space into what it is, whatever this means for you.
For ZW it means that we are able to pursue utopia: working collectively and uncommercially in the city of Zurich together with wonderful artists from near to far making culture, politics and art accessible to as many as possible for the next 5 years left.