Friday, 13.10.2023
Contemporary Electronics #3
Mei Zhiyong Noijzu WAT TAKLAEW Ursula Sereghy
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Contemporary Electronics #3

Door 20:30

Ursula Sereghy
Mei Zhiyong

Contemporary Electronics#3, special edition with Chinese noise artist Mei Zhiyong『梅志勇与当代电声』and Prague based producer Ursula Sereghy.

On Friday, 13.10.2023, ZW presents a lineup with special guests Mei Zhiyong and Ursula Sereghy, accompanied by two live sets from Wat Taklaew and Noijzu. As we are lucky to catch Mei on his current European Tour "MAOZAO”, and flattered to have Ursula in Zurich.

Mei Zhiyong is one of the most active Harsh Noise artists in China. Since 2007, Mei Zhiyong has performed in more than 400 shows in mainland China, and internationally.

He is the founder of the earliest tape label in China, Fuzztape, and initiated China's largest noise art festival, A Bunch of Noise, in 2023, planning to hold itevery year. His noise works are known for their exaggerated, dangerous, and extreme characteristics. He creates unique noise effects by making a large number of noise generators and modifying industrial self-made instruments. His live performances are full of physical language and tense atmosphere, bringing audiences a shocking audio-visual experience.

Prague based producer and musician Ursula Sereghy has a background in playing jazz and formative years of playing saxophone in a live band, but stepped out of the hustle to focus, all while becoming a regular at the local Synth Library Prague, which nourishes her newfound passion for experimenting with machines and exploring the limitless possibilities of sound design

Friday, 13.10.2023
Door 20:30
Music 21:00

Noijzu is freshly back from their Balkan tour and has a new set. The duo focuses on acoustic sounds and synthetic sonic entities. Noijzu blends bass clarinet with analog/digital signals, the result consists of extreme acoustic dynamics, complex and hyperreal textures, ranging from minimal to extreme and confrontational sound expressions. Noijzu's sound has been described as "a symphony of fragmented noise".

WAT TAKLEAW creates textures by combining elements of feedback, tape, field recordings, and folkloric instruments. The debut release 'Pillars of the Apex,' on the Zurich-based label Webarchive, takes listeners on a journey of introspection and ethereal exploration. Each track unfolds like a chapter in a story, inviting listeners to dwelve into the realms of mystical beings.

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