Saturday, 08.06.2024
🦎 COSMIC #11 🦎
OSZILOT Cevincia Phuong-Dan IX4M Intersub x Regula
Start: 19:00Ende: 03:00
Richtpreis: 23.–

Cosmic is our take on concerts aiming to fuse live bands or live acts with DJ sets, merging a classical concert setting with the fluidity of a ravey. Long enough the dark ruled space, cosmic lights will shine again!

Our June edition will start with a sonic introduction by local IX4M, setting the mood for the Swiss Duo OSZILOT which is a mixture of sound installation and musical performance, consisting of oscillating everyday objects.

After the performance the room will transform into an ambient haven for the rest of the night, in collaboration with the Intersub and Regula collectives.

In KW, the restaurant shifts into a cozy clubroom where Zurich based Cevincia and our special guest visiting from Hamburg Phuong Dan will guide you through the night filled with cosmic explorations.