Sunday, 08.10.2023
ZW-K-„miZik“_Den Dala, Blue Vanilla
Den Dala Blue Vanilla
Einlass: 18:00Ende: 20:30
Richtpreis: 12.–

Door 20:00
20:30 Blue Vanilla (Neo-Soul)
21:30 Den Dala (Indie Funk und Psychedelic)

„miZik“ is a new monthly concert row happening on Sundays in the Kleinwäscherei of ZW.

Two bands per evening playing sounds built up on a wide variety of grooves, rhythms and melodies we want to bring about different vibes and feelings to the listeners. We invite you to listen closely and feel the beats and instruments pull you into a Dancing ending to the weekend.

With „mizik“ we want to create a recognisable Stage and Platform for young Musicians to express themselves freely, maybe break out into unique jams, and at the same time provide Professional Live Session Recordings, to save the Musical moments for time to come.

„mizik“ - Translates to „music“ in Kwéyol: Dominican Patois Language

Sunday, 7.10
Blue Vanilla (Neo-Soul)
Den Dala (Indie Funk und Psychedelic)

Sunday, 12.11
Juicy Lemon Club (Indie Pop)
No Sex for Sandy (Synth Pop)

Sunday, 10.12
Iya Ko and the Guilty Pleasures (Funk, Soul)
Seqouia (Soul, Jazz, Disco)

More dates to be announced soon…