Sunday, 05.11.2023
Start: 14:00Ende: 16:00
Richtpreis: 20.–

KID – A Work In Progress Showing

Saturday 04.11.23, 20H & Sunday 05.11.23, 16H

"KID" is an intense dance piece full of emotion and powerful energy that reflects the conflicts of body, mind and soul within the social orders and explores an existence based on love and care.

"A reconnection with the inner child who needs our unconditional love."

In search of freedom and aliveness, trapped within themselves, crushed from without and deeply wounded within, struggling for their identity, their raw and precious existence, they rage through the smoke.
Energy and breath fathom the outer and inner space, going from minimalist to huge, from soft-flowing to ragged-hard. Wild and demonic, the invisible flames blaze away. Fragile, breath is suffocated, gasping for a sense of life.

Keywords: mental health, inner child, "Rave It All Out"

A dance mix of contemporary dance and street/club styles for teens, adults and anyone who loves dance and electronic music.

Concept & Choreography (together with Dancers): Aline Gia Perino, Dance Company ONE
Dance: Nina Evelyn Pfüller, Elisa Pinos Serrano
Music: "Der White Rauschen”
Dramaturgical support and Outside Eye: Jana Dünner
Production: Dance Company ONE

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Showing Dates:
Saturday 04.11.23, 20H
(Introduction & exhibition to the piece from 19H, after the showing: small apéro)
Tickets at the door!

Sunday 05.11.23, 16H
(Introduction & exhibition of the piece from 15H, after the showing: small apéro)
Tickets at the door!

The Dance Company ONE production "KID" is supported by:

Co-Production: Zentralwäscherei Zurich

Foundations: Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, Migros Kulturprozent

Residencies: Kunst im Depot (Winterthur), Pool (St.Gallen)